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General Information

Country: Italy 
Region: Emilia Romagna 
Province: Rimini (RN) 
Total area: 17.11 km ² 
Population: 35,813 inhabitants 
Altitude: 12 m


Birth of the Municipality of Riccione - History

On October 19, 1922, by Royal Decree No. 1439, is enshrined in the birth of the Municipality of Riccione. 

Silvio Lombardini is the first mayor to lead our city, then, since 1925, Riccione is led by the mayor. During this period the city began to take its first steps as a tourist destination. The birth of the first family-run pensions and other activities related to the summer season. There are also many children from the city, which in the warmer months come to our colonies in order to benefit of the salutary effects of the beach and sea.

During the Second World War, with the passage of the front in September 1944, Riccione suffered serious destruction. After the conflict began the slow and laborious reconstruction.

The first democratic elections take place April 7, 1946 with the appointment of the first democratically elected mayor, Giovanni Quondamatteo which will be followed by Augusto Saponi (f.f.), Giulia GalliNicola Casali, Tommaso Enio Della Rosa, Dante Tosi, Giovanni Petrucciani, Biagio Cenni, Terzo Pierani, Massimo Masini, Daniele Imola e Massimo Pironi, current mayor took office in June 2009.

Logo Riccione "anticato"

Il dettaglio delle Giunte Comunali di Riccione dal 1946 al 2001

Source: "I politici locali. Consiglieri, assessori e sindaci del Riminese 1946-2001" by Paolo Zaghini and Gianluca Calbucci - Capitani Editore

The development of Riccione has been steady and gradual, in 1955 there are 15,000 inhabitants. Will be 28,770 in 1981, 34,248 in 2001, from 35,813 to 31 December 2010.


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